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Pickleball Tips for Beginners. Get Some W’s On The Courts Today

I remember the first time I played pickle ball. Me and my friend bought a set off of Amazon. We actually thought we were ordering equipment for an entirely different sport, which is actually known as paddle tennis. Still, we decided to go to some courts on a nice Sunday. Now, we were pretty athletic guys and I actually played tennis when I was younger, but when we got there we got destroyed by some older gentlemen whose bodies were held together by knee braces and other pieces of velcro. That’s the beauty of pickleball.

Pickleball has come a long way since then. Today, it’s the fastest growing sport in America, and I’m sure you are catching on to the wave yourself. Well, now let me share with you the lessons I had to learn the hard way to get you getting some Wins on the courts as soon as possible. This blog is aimed at people who have already started playing and are looking to hone in on their strategy

Pickleball Tips for Beginners

These tips are the 5 things that I think are most important and not obvious until after you have played a few times. Other blogs can teach you what equipment to get or what are the rules, but these things changed my game and I hope they help you too.

  1. GET TO THE NET ASAP – It took me too long to learn this. When you are at the net with your partner, you have a major advantage. If you are returning, you should try and hit a deep return and run up to the net next to your partner.
  2. When on return, hit a deep second shot. When the person serves to you, they have to let your return bounce, so if you can hit it deep, then it makes it much harder for the other team to do something good with that ball, and gives you a major advantage. You don’t have to do go for any winners with this shot, this shot should set up the next few.
  3. Learn how to dink the ball in the kitchen. This is the hardest part of playing pickleball, but when you master it your game will explode. When two teams are at the net, the first team to leave the ball high will almost always get punished. Also, when you are serving the best shot on the 3rd hit is the “3rd-shot-drop”, because the other team will be at the net, and have a major advantage. This is why it’s hard to win points on your service, but the best way around that is this strategy. The team with more touch will win.
  4. Power is not important. There are some players who like to “bang” the ball, meaning hit it hard from deep at their opponent who is at the net, but the best thing and what typically wins out is having touch and placement.
  5. Learn to slice. The slice shot, especially when you are deep or returning because it keeps the ball low, and puts it deep to the opponent if done correctly. I often like to use it for my backhand, since that is a harder shot for most people to control.

That’s the 5 major tips for now! Hope you do well and let me know if there are any other tips that flipped your game around.