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Using ChatGPT to Learn a Language

Hey there! If you haven’t heard about ChatGPT yet, it is a fancy new AI (artificial intelligence) tool that can respond to any questions or prompts in a conversational tone. It is completely free to use and you can sign up at I wanted to see if I could use ChatGPT to practice my language learning, and I was quite impressed. Here are some of my findings:

Before any testing, I asked Chat GPT how it can help me with language learning, here was its response:

Chat GPT for language learning

Alright… let’s begin.

Use Case 1: Conversation

I wanted to start with German, since that is the language I have been learning the longest and am most comfortable with. I first asked if ChatGPT could have a conversation with me in German, here is how that went down. I will provide a translation of the conversation after the image:

Chat GPT for language learning

Here is a translation of the conversation:

CGPT: Sehr gerne! Worüber möchtest du sprechen? (Very well! What would you like to talk about?)

Me: Du wähle aus (You choose)

CGPT: Okay, wie wäre es, wenn wir über unsere Lieblingshobbys sprechen? Was ist dein Lieblingshobby? (Okay, what if we talk about your favorite hobbies? What is your favorite hobby?)

Me: Mein lieblingshobby ist sport machen (My favorite hobby is playing sports)

CGPT: Das klingt super! Was für Sportarten machst du gerne? (That’s awesome! What types of sport do you like?)

Me: I spiele Golf und auch Tennis (I play golf and tennis)

As we can see from this ChatGPT can hold a nice conversation. Chat GPT even gave me the choice to choose the topic, but I told it to suggest a topic, and it did so: favorite hobbies.

Use Case 2: Translation

If there was a response that I didn’t know the full meaning of, I asked Chat GPT to translate it for me. It was great with that:

Chat GPT for language learning

Use Case 3: Explain Grammar or Syntax

I wanted to see how well Chat GPT could explain a grammar or syntax rule of a language, so I asked it to explain the German dative case to me (one of the most hated for German learners)

Chat GPT for language learning

Use Case 4: Check Mistakes and Have Conversation With Translations

I asked ChatGPT to have a conversation with me again, and I also triggered a way to see a translation next to each of their prompts, which was helpful:

Chat GPT for language learning

I also asked Chat GPT to correct any mistakes I made as we had a conversation in another language, which it said it could do.

Chat GPT for language learning
Chat GPT for language learning

Chat GPT told me that I had not made any noticeable mistakes yet from the conversations we had, so I figured we could try a different language that I am learning and not as proficient in: Italiano.

Use Case 5: Test My Skills and Offer Corrections

Now, my Italian is much worse and I could really use help, so this was a good test. I put this prompt into ChatGPT [Ask me some basic italian questions and I will try my best to respond it Italian. If I make any mistakes, please alert me] and here is how the conversation went.

Chat GPT for language learning

As you can see, Chat GPT actually offered me some great tips and corrected my mistakes. Very helpful for becoming more proficient!

Use Case 6: Provide a List of Words or Phrases

You can also ask ChatGPT to recommend some common words or phrases depending on certain contexts:

Chat GPT for language learning
Chat GPT for language learning

Use Case 7: Give a Story or Reading to Practice

I also asked GPT to provide some reading for me to practice with a translation:

Chat GPT for language learning

Let’s say you have a specific book or topic, you would like to to generate, then you can ask for that as well. It’s always easier to learn a language by using subjects you are interested in! I tried it with Harry Potter (one of my favorites!)

Chat GPT for language learning
Chat GPT for language learning

Use Case 8: Give Recommendations on Where to Learn

And Chat GPT can also recommend new apps, music, shows, or anything else to help you on your journey!

Chat GPT for language learning

That is how I use Chat GPT to practice my language skills! I hope this can be beneficial for you. The possibilities are endless and if you discover any other ways to utilize ChatGPT for learning languages, be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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